How this blog came to be: A short story

Once upon a time, there were two friends who called themselves the Rambling Librarian and Saigon Tai-tai. They toyed with the idea of co-writing a story (about libraries, if you must know). But as time went by, their plans became more of a memory, as their individual work and other personal committments took precedence.

One day, while the Librarian and the Tai-tai were IMing each other on what’s happening in their professional and personal lives, the topic of writing stories was mentioned again. Perhaps the planets were in the right alignment that day, for in their conversation and email correspondence over the next few days, an outline of a story for children was developed — or at least an idea of what the Children’s story might be. The title of the story/ idea was called “The Memory Tree”.

On a whim, the librarian decided to create a blog. Perhaps he had too much tea that day and was feeling hyped. Maybe he was inspired by other author blogs he’d come across. Or it was one of those “Why-The-Heck-Not” moments. Whatever the reason, this blog was created under 5 minutes (courtesty of Within the next 5 hours, the Tai-tai received an email about the blog. She decided to humour her librarian friend and created her own account.

The first leaf sprouted on 24th April 2006.

That’s how The Memory Tree blog came to be.


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  1. April 29, 2006 at 2:05 am

    […] [This was the email I sent to Saigon Tai-tai, that sparked off our story discussion, which eventually led to the creation of this blog. The title “The Memory Tree” came to me like this: I was listening to an Enya album, which led me to think of an earlier album titled “The Memory Of Trees”. At that moment, I was thinking about how stories were a record of memories. So then the axioms in my brain must have fired and made the connections… “Memories + Song title “Memory of Trees” => Memory Tree => Tree that captured Stories”. Over the next few days, I whacked a few lines and an outline of the story was formed. What’s posted below is a mix of preliminary sentences in how I thought the story could develop. Notes/ commentaries are in italics]. […]

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