Leaves of a story

The Saigon Tai Tai returns undefeated! She brandishes her pen against the thieves of the nite and cuts off the bandits in their paths with the colours of a tale (i feel like Calvin with Hobbes living on another plane :-)) 

I really like the drawing of your tree. It is a fine image of the memory tree… I like also like your idea of the tree feeding off the stories of the village. Infact, i had the feeling that the tree's leaves were each a story.

The only things i have (after the robbers robbed me of all my material goods and virtual ones including all my digital photos of Vietnam) are some of these tree pixes. Unfortunately, i was unable to load up the last image in my last post and that's been stolen too.. is it a reflection of the imp coming to life???!!!

And maybe it is… if the imp were like the robbers, stealing while we were asleep – then our memories is like the tree, for that the thieves were not able to steal. The stories passed down to generations after continues the life of a memory tree – even if it is through one boy.

Sorry, i am not sure how these thots can be grafted to Draft 2 or Draft 3. These are just some articulations after some personal anguish….. 



  1. May 13, 2006 at 5:44 pm

    Pictures received. Will upload them shortly. You know, we’re on to something here… the imp being an analogy of theives stealing our property. In this case, the imp steals people’s memories. And the boy restores those memories to the tree and breaks the spell. It might work! Will use this and refine the draft.

  2. saigontaitai said,

    May 13, 2006 at 6:13 pm

    Hey that’s great! Maybe treasures could grow out of dreams that evaded the thieves/imp!

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