Welcome to The Memory Tree, a blog co-founded by the Rambling Librarian and Saigon Tai-tai (who prefers to stay mysterious).

How this blog came to be: A short story
Once upon a time, there were two friends who called themselves the Rambling Librarian and Saigon Tai-tai… [read on]

Objectives of this blog

  • To collaborate on writing original Children’s the stories online, using a blog to develop the story progressively
  • To allow others to comment, as a way to refine the stories should they choose to help
  • To serve as an archive of our thought processes in developing the stories

Our approach to writing the stories
The blog posts serve as works-in-progress. Each post needn’t be finished works. We expect to be doing most of the story development via email and then at certain stages, we will post things like Story Drafts, updates on how the story is progressing, share our thoughts on the writing process, what we’re thinking, where we are stuck, where we need to develop further. The idea is to share our story development process with those who care to read it.

And so…
While we have some goal in mind, we’re not really sure how the journey will be like. There’s always a chance that this blog will stagnate (hope not, but…) Still, we’re willing to give this our best shot. We’ll see.

27 Apr 2006
~ Rambling Librarian (ramblinglibrarian@gmail.com) &
~ Saigon Tai-tai (saigontaitai@gmail.com)


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